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Our Vision

For Community, For Nation
To be a key change leader in empowering micro farmers and businesses with the expertise, knowledge, technology and opportunity to grow and sell local produce to the community.

For The Consumer Market
To be the leading fresh and frozen food retailer (online and offline) in Malaysia, by developing and adopting new technologies, raising industry standards and broadening our expertise, with the aim to change the way we buy, eat and live.

Our Mission

To partner with micro-farmers and provide them with the access to industry knowledge, technology and expertise to produce, manage and sell agriculture produce for the local markets.

To reduce the use of non-recyclable plastics and encourage the use of environmentally friendly packaging in our businesses and to work closely with industry agencies in Malaysia.

To keep expanding our knowledge and expertise, through active learning and sharing with industry experts worldwide and to work closely with the International partners, to tap on potential markets and specialised industry programs.

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The team at Pasar Segar, believes that fresh ingredients and quality food leads to a safe and nutritious meal. Hence we seek the freshest produce at local fishery ports and farms across Malaysia and the world, and we stand by our rigorous quality regime and our absolute commitment to support our local farmers, without the extra middleman for handling. We’re more than just about proving fresh food. We aim to be a catalyst for change in the way we farm, produce and consume. After all, what we eat is what we are. With over 24 years of experience in the FMCG industry, Pasar Segar | Your Fresh Marketplace aims to establish itself as an independent purveyor and retailer of fresh, frozen and certified organic produce.




Our Fresh Guarantee

We know how busy families get these days. That’s why our products are caught and farmed in the early morning, go through a sterile process to be be washed, cleaned, cut and hygienically packed, to contain its freshness. And we deliver your orders on the very same day. Now that’s our Fresh Guarantee! I hope that what we bring to you, makes perfect sense for you and your loved ones and that you would enjoy the ease that comes with buying from Pasar Segar | Your Fresh Marketplace.

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