Refund Policy



There would be NO REFUNDS on any purchases that have been made and NOT delivered yet. Pasar Segar SM Holdings Sdn. Bhd. reserves the right to continue to purchase the items and deliver it on the actual chosen date and time or at a new agreed date and time. (agreed by both parties)

As we buy fresh products straight from local fisheries and farms, no fresh produce is assured in catch, quality or size. However, we strive to meet our buying benchmarks to offer our customers the equivalent weight to any advertised items with an acceptable range of 100 grams below or over, of the advertised product and weight.

In the event that the purchased item/s are unavailable, we will inform you with alternatives. Which are: a) We reserve the right to replace the item with another of equivalent or lower in price, at our own discretion and refund you the difference, if any, to your PS e-Wallet. AND/OR b) Convert the total amount to e-Wallet credits of the equivalent amount. However the rest of the package remains intact and confirmed as an order.

As a buying customer, we encourage you to check the items upon delivery to ensure that all items are present upon delivery. Should any items be unaccounted for after 6 hours from delivery and acceptance, we reserve the right to refuse any claims of refunds by the customer.

All items are packed in plastic bags WITH a cable tie as we encourage you to check the items upon receiving them. If there are missing items, please take a photo and send us the image for investigation at +6011 3156 6375 via WhatsApp (TEXT & CALL)

All items delivered from our riders have their photo taken upon delivery. This ensures that both parties (riders and customers) have the correct quantity of packed items when receiving.

Any and all refunds would be issued towards your e-Wallet credits and not via bank transfer as cash. Such refunds would be made on the price of the item/s refunded and NOT the amount for the delivery, government taxes or card transactional payments.

Any refunds that are requested to be directly debited back to your (the customer) account would be considered on a case to case basis. If the refund is to be transferred directly to a bank account, do note that a bank charge of RM0.50 per transaction would be imposed and deducted from the refunded total.

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